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English to French medical and scientific translation


We have been providing English to French translation of pharmaceutical, medical and scientific documents for pharmaceutical multinationals and research centres since 1995.

The last several years have revolutionized the translation industry. The development of translation memory software, automated translation, terminology management and quality control software has altered the situation for both clients and translators. However, while technology has profoundly changed our methods, the goal remains the same: high-calibre translations that meet your needs.

Moreover, there has been no decrease in either regulatory requirements or clients’ external and internal communications needs. Health science is constantly advancing, and it remains highly technical.

Progress in biomedical science results in new concepts, and an increasingly complex lexicon, as shown by the number of articles listed by PubMed.gov: over 500,000 in 2000, the number was up to 1.25 million in 2015!

In a constantly changing world, we can help, putting our scientific and linguistic expertise at your disposal, along with cutting edge translation tools, to meet your needs.



Ginette Lacoste, C. Tr.


Our expertise :

Life sciences

Clinical research, health care,

biopharmaceutics, biomedical science:

all fields in which we deliver high-calibre

French translation in a variety of therapeutic domains


Our well-balanced team

allows us to produce a wide range

of document types

  • Monographs
  • Letters for healthcare professionals
  • Training modules
  • Clinical study protocols
  • Informed consent forms
  • Quality of life questionnaires
  • Patient-reported outcomes
  • Scientific articles
  • Press releases
  • Budget impact analyses

Thorough, accurate

and reliable

Highly technical texts call for a rigorous approach

that draws on cutting-edge computer tools.

The key phases are terminological analysis,

translation using computer-assisted translation software,

bilingual revision and verification of terminological consistency,

stylistic edit, verification of the client’s stylistic preferences,

final edit using a spell checker.


A versatile team

Lacoste Royal - Scientific Translations - Ginette Lacoste
Ginette Lacoste Ph. D.

Associate member, ATA

Founder and senior editor, Ginette ensures quality and handles client relations. Her role as team leader is based on her thorough knowledge of the language and concern for detail. 

Lacoste Royal - Scientific Translations - Ginette Lacoste
Lacoste Royal - Scientific Translations - André Royal
Lacoste Royal - Scientific Translations - André Royal
André Royal Ph. D.

Associate member, ATA

André joined the firm in 1997, taking on a variety of roles, including the integration of new translation technologies. His broad experience with fundamental research and writing scientific articles makes him the perfect fit for translating highly technical texts.

Lacoste Royal - Scientific Translations - Laurent Royal
Laurent Royal B.F.A.

Associate member, ATA

Always on the lookout for new technological solutions and passionate about history and etymology, Laurent has more than 10 years of experience as a biomedical translator. His high degree of curiosity means that he stays abreast of emerging trends, as well as new tools and linguistic developments.

Lacoste Royal - Scientific Translations - Laurent Royal


For our clients, confidentiality is essential. We pledge to make every effort to protect it. Our non-disclosure agreements with clients mean we do not name them.